Managers, Supervisors & Business Owners

There are many forms of power abuse that haven’t gained the attention that they need for support to be offered. Unfortunately abuse by Managers, Supervisors and Business Owners happens to be one of them. There are thousands of stories and articles online giving victim testimonies about this type of abuse, however there was no resource located that specifically targets this type of abuse and provides support.  Power abuse starts off as mental abuse and evolves to sexual abuse.  To understand more about power of abuse refer to the Doctor and Therapist Abuse page.  There are many resources located on this page that should help you understand what happened to you.  To gain valuable tools to help you in your healing journey and to help you take your life back check out the Survivor Resources section of this site.  If anyone is aware of information that can be used as a resource to victims of abuse of Managers, Supervisor and Business Owners, email so this information can be posted to this page.  Together we can make a difference.


Workplace Sexual Assault

Women are sexually assaulted at an alarming rate, and the workplace is a frequent arena for assault. However, in recent decades, attention has been given to improving responses to sexual assault. Sexual assault is a frequent cause of injury and death for women in the United States. One in five American women admit they have experienced a completed rape during their lifetime. These estimates are conservative because sexual assault and sexual violence are both underreported and underprosecuted. Fear of job loss and discrimination are frequent reasons women do not report sexual assault in the workplace. Women are entering the workplace in greater numbers due in part to more single parent families and the depressed economy. Also, women are entering work environments that have traditionally been the domain of male workers: corporate headquarters, semi trucks, health care providers' offices, rural farms, and rural factories. Employers must have a plan to protect female employees and effectively address any incidents of sexual assault or violence. Occupational health nurses and nurse practitioners can assist both employees and employers to prevent sexual assault and resolve the aftermath of sexual assault. However, to accomplish this goal, occupational health nurses and nurse practitioners must be trained in sexual assault and violence response as well as preventive interventions.



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You Are Not Alone

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